Some Cyber Security Training Tips

Some Cyber Security Training Tips

You can tell your staff not to use their phones at work, but they are likely to use them when you are not looking or watching anyhow. You can direct them that they should not download anything from unknown resources, and yet they are going to see a name which looks familiar to them and just go ahead and click on it. So what do you do?

Many organizations will add a cyber-security plan into their staff handbook and never talk of it again. That is a big mistake! Not only should you hold a regular training on this subject with your staff, but also you should have them join this training at least twice or thrice a year!

Data security training requires shocking the employee enough to understand that human error is one of the leading reasons of data breaches. Throw real facts and statistics at them. Let them know they play a big role in the security of the company and how a large portion of data breaches are fully preventable and have halted from user error.

Verizon’s annual Data Breach Investigations Report of 2015 discovered that 30% of employee-related e-mail openings were due to sensitive detail being sent to wrong recipients.

While many Cyber Security Training Tips may seem like instinct to us by now, we tend to get idle and take shortcuts. Discover a way to get your staff to break their poor habits!

Educate workers on the kinds of cyber threats out there so they aware about the warning signs and how each danger attacks.

Never share passwords and do not buy one of that internet password notepad to write in and manage your login detail!

Never plug in a USB without knowing its expected origin and expected contents.

Lock or put password on your computer when you step away from your work desk for even a moment.

Be cautious what is open on the monitor before screen sharing in webinars or when someone is around.

Never share emails that are not connected to the work that you are doing as they may include malicious attachments.

Training needs to contain the warning signs of a breached computer. Why? Once a computer system is breached, it is critical to eliminate the threat rapidly to prevent data loss or a follow-up virus.

The above mentioned Cyber Security Training Tips will definitely help in halting the data breaches and eliminating the several threats which is overlooked by us in certain period.

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